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Saturday, January 7, 2012

M.A.C. Naturally Collection.

HAPPY 2012!

M.A.C cosmetics has really kicked off this year with two great collections, Iris Apfel and Naturally Collection.

Naturally Collection is filled with neutral colors and many products are mineralized.

What caught my eye from the collection were the MSFs and blushes.

My obsession with blushes is slowly crossing over to MSFs :x lol

The MSFs from this collection have been released before but Redhead appealed to me the most.

As for the blushes all three are undeniably beautiful, but considering my skin tone Subtle Breeze wasn't appealing to me.

Enough chatter and more makeup :)

Mineralized Skin Finish in Redhead

This color is described as a "Gold to salmon pink degrade" color.

This MSF consist of various strips of colors, when combined gives of a beautiful pink with underlying gold.

As you can see in the second picture it gives off a beautiful glow. 

Early Morning Blush
This blush is a mineralized blush, but the formulation of these blushes are much smoother and less shimmer than other mineralized blushes from M.A.C.

This blush is decribed as a "Peachy Pink" color, but to me it seems more of a red-coral color.
Fresh Honey

This blush is described as a "Warm Apricot", which I totally agree with!

I have nothing in my blush collection close to this color...either their darker or brighter.

Both blushes would look amazing on tan to dark skin tones.

These blushes have a longer staying power on me than the orginial mineralized formula which I'm a happy camper about!!

 What are your thoughts on M.A.C's Naturally Collection? <3 -Catalina


  1. lovely post <3

    now following you! follow back hun?

  2. Nice collection,I love the fresh honey blush. I'm gonna have to get it

  3. everything you purchased is what i want too!

  4. @Jasmine thanks so much and your weight lost journey is truly inspirational!

    @Maya def pick it up its a must have!

    @Hilda Madrigal girl you got all the lippies from the Iris Apfel collection I'm jealous!!! lol

  5. Just found your blog now. I'm a big MAC fan too. I especially like their mineralize stuff.

    I want to try Fresh Honey out, may have to get it next time I'm in the MAC store.

    Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING x


    ps:follow now, hope you'll stop by my blog sometime and follow me back if you like it :)

  6. I love MAC cosmetics!! that blushes are so beautiful!!

    I follow you now! Hope you visit my blog and if you like it you can follow me back =)


  7. Oh I love the Early Morning blush. Never tried a mineral blush. Wonder how its staying power is.

  8. Love this post! I need to go to my local counter ASAP! :)

  9. I love the Early Morning Blush. I'm going to have to pick that up. Great blog. Now following!

  10. @Ugly Duckling def swatch it its a soft peachy/orange color which gives a beautiful glow :)

    @BB Strawberry yes they are!!

    @DailyGlamour I love everything!

    @Christina the formula of these blushes last longer on me then their reg mineralized blushes and I have oily skin if that helps :)

    @Lucinda thanks girl!! Yes def check it out it has something for everyone!

    @Reese Thanks girl your gonna love it!

  11. Eeeee I shouldn't have come onto your blog!!!
    Now I want Redhead MSF! :)
    I was thinking of getting Blonde MSF too but I'll have to swatch it in store.
    Love everything you got!

  12. Iam using the Mineralized skin finished in redhead, it gives glow on my face :-) i would love to try the early morning blush it looks great ;=) Im your new follower, hope you dropby and visit my blog too


  13. @Laiqah def swatch them and see which one you love :)

    @Rochelle def check out that blush it would look great on you :)

  14. Great purchases. :D I love Early Morning!

  15. @StealMyHeartLove I love it too :)