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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fall Fashion is here!

Hey loves,

So fall weather is officially coming to NYC this week which I'm super excited for!

I love fall fashion out of all the seasons because you can be so versatile with your wardrobe.

You can pair a floral print dress with a jean jacket and boots and ta-da! You look effortlessly chic <3

This are just some fall trends that I'm personally loving right now!
  •   Blazer
A classic Blazer never goes out of style I personally love to throw them on to instantly dress up jeans or a dress.
  • Chuncky Over Sized Sweaters
I love to be comfortable and this is a piece of clothing that just looks so cute paired with leggings and boots.

  • Chiffon Shirts
I love chiffon shirts in the fall! They are warm enough for the weather and can be worn in various events.

  • Jacket with Fur Trim
I'm not a fan of real fur but fake fur is fine with me. I personally love this green military color jacket it looks amazing and can be mixed & matched with some many different colors.
  • Wool & Leather Shorts
I honestly I really need a pair of both these shorts! I think shorts paired with tights and cute heels is so classic. This is one of my favorite fall outfits.
  • A Bright Colored Dress
 I'm a big fan of earthy colors and fall is the perfect season to display them. I love green, orange, peach, tan, khaki dresses for fall.

  • Fur Trimmed Boots, Oxfords, & Wedges
I think all of these shoes keep coming back every season. I think they are essential since they are comfy and can be pair with jeans, dresses, and leggings.
  • Neutral Purses
My new favorite color for this fall is muted pink. I think this color in purses just adds a splash of color to an outfit without being over whelming.
  • Scarfs
Oh don't forget the scarfs! Scarfs are my go to accessory when I want to add something to an simple outfit such as a tee shirt and jeans.

What Fall Fashion is your favorite?:)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What's In My Makeup Bag.

Hey bloggers!

So I own alot of makeup bags but I'm currently using this one which is from Forever 21 and I love it!

Its rather large but the sides are slender which I love plus its polka dots <3

Now lets see what's inside ;)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Tag: Celebrity Doppelgangers Lea Michele & Leona Lewis.

Hey loves

So today I thought of doing a fun post: celebrity doppelgangers.

A doppelganger is basically a person who you resemble whom is famous.

I get these two beautiful ladies all the time and I think it's to flattering!

I tag all you beauties to do this post!

I think its fun tag to do because you see similarities you might have over looked in the past. 

Lea Michele

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fall Transition Colors: Nail Polish Edition.

hey loves! So Fall officially starts this week and NYC weather is already hitting low temperatures.

That means good by bright nail polish and time to bring out those transition colors!

I love fall and it's a great season to still rock a splash of color on your nails.

To me, transition colors are colors that transfer from one season to another and are still seasonal appropriate.

Now let's see my top picks for fall transition colors...

Monday, September 12, 2011

OOTD: Turban Love.

Hey dolls! so I went out with my friends to the city for a night and I wanted to share my outfit.

It got a little chilly at night so I want to wear something that could keep my warm.

Personally I love the color mustard yellow and since I still have a tan it looks extra nice!

The outfit is simple but I wanted to spice it up with a turban which I love! 

I have my mother's vintage earrings she let me have for the night how sweet! lol

Now onto the outfit <3

Monday, September 5, 2011

Back to School Makeup Haul.

hey loves so Cherry Culture has a 20% Back to School speical and of course I couldn't resist!

I really have a problem :/ lol

Now lets look at some colors I thought would be perfect for this fall!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Nail Polish Haul.

Hey girls! Its been a while since I did a post and I'm sorry for that.

I've started Grad school and the work load is so over whelming.

But luckily my school is near an Essie & O.P.I store with super low prices so I took advantage!! 

Now on to the nail polishes <3

From Left to Right:
  • O.P.I What's With The Cattitude? 
  • O.P.I Rumple's Wiggin'
  • Essie Knockout Pout
  • Essie Borrowed & Blue
  • Essie Tart Deco
  • Essie Van D'Go 
Sorry for not including swatches of the nail polishes but if you search online you'll find swatches :)

All of these colors are opaque and are true to the color.

I'm so happy with all these colors that have been on my wishlist for the longest time <3

What's your favorite nail polish? xoxo