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Monday, October 31, 2011

FOTD: Return of the Dead


So this year instead of being slutty or girlie I was aiming for the opposite...
A zombie teacher!!

I used special fx makeup for the open wound.

The rest is a lot of eyeshadow, smudging and blending.

I also put a red blood on my teeth.

I hope everyone has an amazing Halloween.

If you want details on any of the products used just comment below!!

Now let's get scared!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Awesome, the Christian and Christian Dior.

Hello Girlies!

So as the snow is trickling down on NYC I wanted to share with you all something I've been lusting over for a long time!

I patiently waited for Sephora's F&F sale to pick up this highlighter that has been raved about in the beauty world.

Dior's Poudre Shimmer Powder in Amber Diamond.  

Now lets take a look at this beauty!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wet n Wild Lipsticks.

Hey everyone!

So I was in search for a specific lipstick at the drug store and didn't find it but something else caught my eye.

I have own these lipstick formula in lighter shades and I absolute love them!

They are completely matte and can be layered.

These colors caught my eye mainly because its fall and they scremed BUY ME!

So lets take a look..

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Throw Some Glitter On That...

Hey chics & dudes,

As you all know its Fall in NYC and the leaves are falling down.
I've been embracing the weather with some glitter ;)

I've been into the metallic look and sparkle of course!

These are two polishes I've been currently obsessed with this month of Oct <3

Milani Jewel FX Nail Lacquer in Gold
Bottom Coat: Revlon Peach Nectar
Middle Coat: Forever21 Nail Polish in Gold (small gold glitter)
Top Coat: Milani nail polish in Gold
then a finishing coat

I decided to go for a nude/peach color as a base so the gold can pop out! I really love how the gold on the Milani polish are large so they can be more visually seen <3 LOVE

Revlon Nail Polish in Belle
Bottom Coat: O.P.I's You Don't Know Jacques! (matte) (2 coats)
Top Coat: Revlon's Belle Nail Polish
then a finish coat

 I was just staring at my nail polish rack trying to decide which color would look well with Belle. Belle has small refined glitter then larger ones comparable to Milani's. I really love this combo especially since the bottom coat is matte which makes Belle that metallic feel <3

What's your favorite glitter polish? xoxo

Sunday, October 16, 2011

OOTD: The Return of the Poncho.

Hey Dolls!

So I've been embracing fall recently.

This post was influenced after watching  pinkcupcake211 a.k.a Carolina's OOTD
(click OOTD for link) 

I love her style and she is drop dead gorgeous! She has great beauty related views so def sub to her if you can!

So I raged through my closet to find my poncho! I bought it last fall and haven't worn it yet.

Ponchos are really in this season and their great when your not in the mood for a blazer or light jacket.

I wore this outfit for a night out with my guy friends whom I love!

This is just casual and my personal spin on it and FOTD was simple as well :)

Hope you girls/guys enjoy! 


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Elie Saab Spring Summer Paris Fashion Week 2012.

Hey fashion junkies!

So as you all know Paris Fashion Week is one of the most influential in fashion trends and etc.

Personally, I love European fashion over American just because the creativity and perspective on fashion is totally different. 

I wanted to share with you my favorite show this season.. Elie Saab's Spring/Summer collection.

To me this collection is classic, sophisticated, sexy, modern, and elegant.

The color scheme is absolute breathtaking and can suite many different skin tones.

I'm in love with every single piece in this collection.

I hope you all enjoy the video.<3

Personally I love to see the hair and makeup backstage :x lol

Which was your favorite show this PFW 2012? xoxo

Friday, October 7, 2011

Rachel Zoe's New Home.

I hope everyone is doing well.

Today I wanted to discuss one of my many loves..interior design.

My mother has greatly influenced me in this area. I could spend hours with her shopping for home decor and I assist her on modern aspects to incorporate into the home.

During this season of the Rachel Zoe's Project, Rachel and Roger move into a new luxurious home.

Rachel Zoe appointed one of her employees, Jeremiah Brent, to design her home and it came out fabulous.

It was exactly what Rachel wanted if you want to check out the episode it is in this link The Rachel Zoe Project

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Urban Decay Fall/Holiday 2011.

Hey makeup junkies!

I'm sure some of you have seen these Urban Decay Promo pictures but I just wanted to share with you all these makeup looks I'm currently obsessed with!

I don't own any of these picture but they are found on their Facebook page.

I love the feel of retro and 80s style to these looks. 

To me the looks are still modern and the angles are breath taking! 

I will link the Face Charts to the looks and the products used!

Enjoy <3