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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

O.P.I's Pink Friday & Save Me.

Hey beauties!

I finally made a trip to my Ulta in hopes to find Pink Friday and Save Me from the Nicki Minaj Collection.
There were alot of Save Me but no Pink Friday in sight.
But than I wandered the drug store nail polish section and right there in front of my face was a nice pick O.P.I color.
I was thinking I'll just get this one instead...but when I looked at the name my jaw dropped!!
It was Pink Friday! Me and my sis have been wanting this color forever!!

Now lets see these beauties!

Right: Pink Friday
To me this color is the perfect baby doll pink!
Left: Save Me
This is a sliver base glitter with blue, green, pink, yellow and orange which consist of longer refined glitter. If you don't like large glitter this polish is not for you.

 What are your thoughts on the Nicki Minaj Collection? <3 Catalina


  1. I love love love this Pink Friday color!!! I couldn't stop looking at my nails when I had it on and I got so many compliments on it!

  2. @DeborahYanni I cant wait to try it out <3

  3. I already have Pink Friday, the color is absolutely amazing:-)

  4. lol yay you finally got it! its super cute it'll look awesome with the lipstick you got too! i have Save me too! i love it! ive been using it on my ring finger with other colours

  5. love the glitter nail polish. i'm going to go get one for myself. Your newest follower. please follow back. thanks. :)


  6. I need to pick up Pink Friday. It looks so pretty. Nice post. Love your blog. :)

  7. @Mila de Illusoire I completely agree!

    @JayDee yes it does I havent even thought of that! lol

    @Mai Ker Xiong def try to pick it up its gorgeous!

    @Brandy let me know if you pick it up! & thank you <3

  8. @RochellekCloset they really are :)

    @DailyGlamour I love them both as well!

  9. love these polishes!

    love from a new follower :)

    check out my blog -


  10. I bought exactly the same from this Nicki Minaj collection :D I really love those nail polishes <3