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Thursday, March 22, 2012

ULTA Haul.

Hey everyone!
Sorry I haven't blogged in a has taken over my life :(
I'm actually typing this up before I go to sleep :X

Anyways, I made a trip to Ulta and I'm starting to think they shouldn't have built a store near my house!! lol

Disclaimer: I bought all of these products with my own money. 

Now let's take a look to what I purchased :)

  • Hot Tools Pro Curls Spongy Rod Rollers
  • Real Techniques Blush Brush
  • Real Techniques Powder Brush
  • Real Techniques Stippling Brush
  • NYX Stick Blush in Hibiscus
  • O.P.I. nail polish in In My Back Pocket

     Real Techniques Brush
    As many of you already know, Real Techniques Brushes were developed by Samantha Chapman a.k.a Pixiwoo. If you watch their tutorials you'll notice they use these brushes often.

    First off I haven't used these brushes yet, but all the reviews I've read have spoken highly of these products.

    I was looking to invest in some new brushes and these seem to be the perfect alternative to high end brushes.

    You really are getting what you pay for with these brushes! The bristles are super soft and the handle on these brushes are larger then all my other brushes. (M.A.C & Sigma)

    I need to amp up my brush storage area just to fit these puppies!

     NYX Stick Blush in Hibiscus

    This new product from NYX hasn't gotten much hyped but I'm a big fan of NYX so I said why not!

    I did swatch the testers at ULTA and alot of them did have shimmer. The packaging matches the product color. 

    When I swatched Hibiscus I knew I had to try this one out first. I might go back to pick up a pink shade but we'll see.

    NYX Cream Rouge Blushes don't break me out so I'm hoping this product won't neither. Over all it is pigmented and is completely matte.

    O.P.I's In My Back Pocket

    I wandered to the clearance section at ULTA and I was lucky enough to find this beauty!
    This color is the most perfect tangerine color! I am not sure of the application but I hope it is not streaky and that the color is opaque.  

    What are you lastest purchases from ULTA?<3 Catalina 


    1. I just got one of the NYX blushes too, haha! I got Orchid. Hibiscus is really gorgeous. That OPI color is really pretty too!

      1. This comment has been removed by the author.

      2. I really want to get a pink one next...I'll look into that one :)

    2. Oh I need to check out my Ulta for those brushes! They remind me of Sephora's brushes. And I have one of those NYX blushes too, they are pretty and looks natural on.


      1. Yes! Their amazing!! The blush does look really natural which is a nice change :)

    3. I love the RT stippling brush! I have used it every single day since I got it :o)

      Over on my blog I am having a Mac lipstick give away, you could win a Mac lipstick in the colour of your choice :o)I would love for you to enter

      Check it out:


    4. really great purchases and the opi color is lovely!
      Misikko Hana Giveaway

    5. Wow you got some great deals and gorgeous nail color xx

    6. I saw your blog and love it.
      would you follow my blog, commented and I'd do the same for your blog.

    7. i have that blush and i have to say, i was skeptical at first, as well.. i ended up really liking it, though - so i hope you will, too! NYX is one of my favorite brands, as well :)

      Cute blog!

      xo Kell

      1. me too!! I love it NYX is one of my favorites as well :)

    8. I want those brushes so bad!

      1. their amazing!! def try to get your hands on them!

    9. Great Haul
      I love Real Techniques Brushes and O.P.I. In My Back Pocket
      Take a look at In My Back Pocket Post

      Nice Blog !!!!! xoxoxo

    10. awesome haul...i m soo in search of gud brushes....that nyx blush is awesome...

      1. I love that blush!! and the brushes are great :)

    11. I have the powder brush + the blush brush from Real Techniques and they're so soft!I had bought them at IMATS London in February.

      I tried the rollers, the wavy effect is very pretty :)

      And... Wow, one OPI for $4,99?! In Europe, they cost around $17,5 (13,9€)

      1. wow thats so much for nail polish :/