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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

How To:Summer Glow.

I want to share with you all some products that aid in achieving a healthy glow during the summer.
Summer is the perfect time to bring out those shimmery products!
Here are some products that really help bring out that healthy glow when your skin is tan.
For reference I am an NC44 during the summer and all of these products compliment my skin tone perfectly.

- Virgin eyeshadow U.D. NAKED Platte (A shimmery white eye shadow)
-M.A.C. Cream Color Base in Pearl (Cream highlighter)
- NARS Albatross (Pressed powder highlighter)
-NARS Irresistiblement (bronzer)
-M.A.C Lustre Drops in Sun Rush

Virgin eyeshadow is a great product to use as a highlighting eyeshadow. On hot, humid days I use this under my brows with no other products. TA-DA!! instantly my face is illuminated. A shimmery eye shadow frames your face when the sun hits the brows at an angel to give you that great summer glow. Since the brows are in the center of the face, this amplifies a glowy look to your whole face.

NARS Irresistiblement & M.A.C Lustre Drops
NARS Irresistiblement is a peachy-bronzey color with small gold shimmer which becomes virtually unnoticed on the cheeks. I love blushes/bronzers with this type of finish for the summer. They do a great job on complimenting your new tan.

M.A.C Lustre Drops in Sun Rush this is a multi-functional product. You can add drops of this into your matte foundations to give you dewy glowy skin. I personally love to use this product on the top of my cheek bones to give a dewy look to any matte blushes I might be wearing. I do set this product to increase it's lasting power.

M.A.C Cream Color Base & NARS Highligter
M.A.C CCB in Pearl is a cream highlighter, which is white in color with sliver shimmer. This highlighter looks phenomenal on! It is very pigmented and the lasting power is great on those hot summer days.
NARS Albatross hands down one of my all time favorite highlighter of all time! YES I SAID IT! :) It looks scary in the pan but applied on the cheeks its glorious! It is the perfect mix of white & gold combo ever! It photographs beautifully as well. 


Left to Right: 
  • Virgin eyeshadow
  • M.A.C. Cream Color Base in Pearl
  • NARS Albatross
  • NARS Irresistiblement
  • M.A.C Lustre Drops in Sun Rush



  1. I was expecting Albatross to look like the Pearl CCB swatch. It looks so pretty! 0.o must get . lol

    1. def try to swatch it at Sephora! It's amazing you won't be disappointed!

  2. Loving Virgin as a highlight! It really does make all the difference in the world when you pop this under the brow.

  3. thanks for sharing these. i'm currently not liking the makeup that i wear because they make me oily -__- im a new follower!

    oh and please join my giveaway over here:


    1. I have the same problem!! The only good thing about oily skin is less wrinkles when your older ;)

  4. I love lustre drops