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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Favorite Fall Blushes.

It's that time of year and my fall blushes are coming out to play ;)
These are my top five favorite fall blushes. I tend to wear these blushes mostly during fall and winter since they look amazing on those chilly days when you want a pop of color to 
warm up your face. 

Nars Taj Mahal is one of my all time favorite blushes for fall. It gives you a beautiful glow since it has small glow shimmer in it. It is a true burnt orange color.

Nars Lovejoy is a beautiful dusty rose color. This blush is very versatile and goes well with various makeup looks. It is perfect as an everyday blush. 

M.A.C. Early Morning blush is a mineralized limited edition blush. I would describe this color as a coral shade with reddish undertones. This blush gives you a rosey color on the cheeks which is love!

M.A.C Gingerly blush is a Sheertone blush. The color is a bronzey/peachy color which is great on those gloomy days.

M.A.C On A Mission blush was from the Style Warriors Collections. I picked it up an year ago at my CCO. This is one a unique color consisting of sliver glitter that goes virtually unnoticeable on the cheeks. M.A.C's Mocha blush is similar but On A Mission is a few shades darker.

From left to right:
-Nars Taj Mahal
-Nars Lovejoy
-M.A.C Early Morning
-M.A.C Gingerly
-M.A.C On A Mission

What is your favorite fall blush? xo Catalina


  1. Great choices! I think Taj Mahal is my favorite Fall blush! <3

  2. Love your choices! Lovejoy is my favorite :)

    New follower to your blog xo

  3. Gorgeous colors! NARS Lovejoy I WANT!