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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fall Transition Colors: Nail Polish Edition.

hey loves! So Fall officially starts this week and NYC weather is already hitting low temperatures.

That means good by bright nail polish and time to bring out those transition colors!

I love fall and it's a great season to still rock a splash of color on your nails.

To me, transition colors are colors that transfer from one season to another and are still seasonal appropriate.

Now let's see my top picks for fall transition colors...

From Left to Right:
  • OPI Don't Mess With OPI
  • OPI A Taupe the Space Needle
  • OPI Tickle My France-y
  • Revlon 913 Peach Nector
  • Sally Hansen 240 Choco-Latte
  • Sally Hansen 360 Plum's the Word
  • Essie Meriro Cool
  • Essie Sand Tropez

OPI Don't Mess With OPI is a beautiful forest green. Any forest green nail polish is perfect as a transition color because it a deeper color that's perfect for when the trees change color.

OPI A Taupe the Space Needle is a brown shade. OPI colors are so difficult to decribe because they are so unique, but again any muted brown color is great for the fall especially paired with gold rings.

OPI Tickle My France-y is a muted rusty purple. I actually bought this color in the summer because I thought it would be perfect for fall. I haven't worn it yet but I will post a TwitPic of it when I do <3

Revlon 913 Peach Nector is a true peach color. I love peach nail polish in the fall because everyone is still tan and it just make it stand out more. I hold on to my summer glow as long as possible! lol

Sally Hansen 240 Choco-Latte is a nude color. This is a great nude for darker skin tones or fair skin tones. Personally when I wear this it matches my winter skin tone which is MAC NC43. I don't like this because I feel as if I have no fingernails. Now that I am tanner I would wear this with no problem.

Sally Hansen 360 Plum's the Word is such a pretty medium plum color. I believe this color suites every skin tone. It is def a must have shade for the fall in my opinion.

Essie Meriro Cool is a gray with purple undertones. I find this color to be so unique.

Essie Sand Tropez last but not least of course! This shade is perfect for every season and goes great with every outfit. It is a nude with grayish undertones, just divine! This is def a must have in your nail polish collection!

What is your favorite nail polish for Fall? :)


  1. love the nail polishes! <3

    i was going to buy O.P.I's Tickle my France-y but i ended up buying the dior lip gloss instead, i really want that nail polish, i hope you do post a NOTD with that one because i really want to see it on the nails (the OPI nailpolishes are much more expensive here in Norway, it's crazy!)

    currently my favorite one is the one that i bought the other day, which is a nudish pink color (it looked more pink on the photos than in person)

  2. I have both of those Essie colors and I love them! I just bought some of Essie's new fall collection and i'm obsessing over "power clutch" you have to try it!


  3. @NenaTH I will be painting my nails with Tickle my France-y this week so I'll tweet you a pic <3

    @April I just looke dup "Power Cluth" and I need it now! thanks for the suggestion <3

  4. These are great! I love every single one of your picks. I usually wear light/pale pink on my nails, something really nude and natural. But I definitely need to get some plums and bolder colors like The Sally Hansen Plum's The World. :)

    *Cappuccino and Fashion*

  5. @Madeline those colors are great for the fall & Sally Hansen's Plum's the Word would looks really nice on your skin color :)

  6. Tickle My France-y looks so cute!

  7. LOVE all of these colors! My current favorite is OPI romeo and Juliet

  8. @Sandra its really nice I have it on now its a purple nude shade :)

    @Andee Layne that color looks amazing!

  9. love dark & nude shades for the Fall :) soo pretty!


  10. @Natalie yes I love them too <3