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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fall Fashion is here!

Hey loves,

So fall weather is officially coming to NYC this week which I'm super excited for!

I love fall fashion out of all the seasons because you can be so versatile with your wardrobe.

You can pair a floral print dress with a jean jacket and boots and ta-da! You look effortlessly chic <3

This are just some fall trends that I'm personally loving right now!
  •   Blazer
A classic Blazer never goes out of style I personally love to throw them on to instantly dress up jeans or a dress.
  • Chuncky Over Sized Sweaters
I love to be comfortable and this is a piece of clothing that just looks so cute paired with leggings and boots.

  • Chiffon Shirts
I love chiffon shirts in the fall! They are warm enough for the weather and can be worn in various events.

  • Jacket with Fur Trim
I'm not a fan of real fur but fake fur is fine with me. I personally love this green military color jacket it looks amazing and can be mixed & matched with some many different colors.
  • Wool & Leather Shorts
I honestly I really need a pair of both these shorts! I think shorts paired with tights and cute heels is so classic. This is one of my favorite fall outfits.
  • A Bright Colored Dress
 I'm a big fan of earthy colors and fall is the perfect season to display them. I love green, orange, peach, tan, khaki dresses for fall.

  • Fur Trimmed Boots, Oxfords, & Wedges
I think all of these shoes keep coming back every season. I think they are essential since they are comfy and can be pair with jeans, dresses, and leggings.
  • Neutral Purses
My new favorite color for this fall is muted pink. I think this color in purses just adds a splash of color to an outfit without being over whelming.
  • Scarfs
Oh don't forget the scarfs! Scarfs are my go to accessory when I want to add something to an simple outfit such as a tee shirt and jeans.

What Fall Fashion is your favorite?:)


  1. i also love the blazers.they look gorgeous on everybody. :)

  2. @kukiskuku yes def a must have for everyone!

  3. I'm so excited for Fall Fashion this year :) Over sized sweaters are my fav right now!! & boots!

  4. @Natalie omg yes!! me too I'm so glad its fall weather now too :)