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Saturday, November 12, 2011

DIY Ombre Hair.

Hey dolls,

So I finally decided to Ombre my hair!

I will talk about how I prepared my hair for the bleaching and dying process & all of the products used.

I want to thank my sister, Jeanette for helping me <3 

It took about 6 hrs for the finished look.

So let's beginning! 


Before Bleaching:
I didn't wash my hair for 4 days.
The only products I put in my hair prior were:

  • Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Deep Conditioning
  • Aussie Hair Insurance Leave in Conditioner
Bleach/Pre lightener:
  • L'oreal Super Blonde Creme Lightening Kit in #200 Bleach Blonde for Medium Brown to Darkest Brown Hair
Hair Dye:
  • Revlon ColorSilk Beautiful Colot in #05 Ultra Light Ash Blonde

I was inspired by this photo from
The girl has my hair length and I thought it looked really good on her.
So I took a chance!

The Lightening Process
 ***When you have your gloves on the key is to put the bleach in your hand
You want to run the bleach through your hair in strokes.
This will make the gradual change in hair color more natural
Do this for each layer***

1st Layer:
From chin down to tips of hair wrapped in foil- 30 Mins
Rinse then blow dry

2nd Layer:
Mid way of that section to tips of hair wrapped in foil- 30 mins
Rinse then blow dry

3rd Layer:
Only tips of hair wrapped in foil- 30 Mins
Rinse then apply conditioner that came in the box

* Through out the process you want to keep checking the color 

ORANGE! I had a feeling this was going to happen since my hair was dyed black in April.
Lucky I had bought the hair dye in Ash to counter act the brassiness of red/orange hair.

After Hair Dye
 ***Place more hair dye on the tips using the same technique as with the bleach.
Then bring up the hair dye to the top layer.
Try to evenly distribute the hair dye through out the hair 
Your basically bring the dye up from the tips to the 1st layer****

I left the hair dye in for about an 45 mins and I wrapped it up in foil paper.

Rise and apply conditioner from box.

This picture was taken the day after all of the beaching and dying.

My hair still feels healthy but I will be doing a lot of treatment to it.

So far I love it and I'm glad I had the ball to do it :X

What are your opinions on the Ombre hair trend? <3


  1. @NarsCupcake thank so much girl!

  2. Looks gorgeous babe!
    And I LOVE your tutorial! Its so informative... I've bookmarked it. I REALLY want to ombre mine :)
    You've inspired me :)

  3. Wow, it came out really good. Love it! <3


  4. @Laiqah def so it girl! your hair is so long it will look phenomena!! def do a blog post if you decided to do it <3

    @Jen thank you! I was alittle scared after seeing it red but it came out good at the end :)

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  6. I love the result , you look beautiful !

  7. @What.Jessica.loves thank you doll <3

  8. Never have I been more inspired to colour my hair than now. But it's a wee bit short. But still I'm sure I can make a plan!

    Nevertheless you look fantastic! Super lovely :)

  9. @Nasrin aw I'm gald I've inspired you!! I had to be patient with my hair it's still short but I'm def keeping the ombre for a while! I hope you do it! I would look so nice on you <3

  10. J'adore le resultat j'hesite aussi a en faire . Bisous ma belle!

  11. @TheFashionEveryDay Je vous remercie beaucoup d'amour! Il sera look beautiful sur vous

  12. came out soo pretty!! i envy how brave you were to do this yourself!!

    hope you're having a great week, love. xo :)

  13. Wow you did an amazing job! That was 6 hours well spent:)

  14. @Taj Acosta thank you :)

    @Natalie aww thanks love! you too xoxo

    @The.Red.See thank you and it didnt even seem that long but I'm really happy with the results :)

  15. awesome review dear, i would try one day! :D i love your blog <3

    follow me if you love to, and i’ll follow you back :)

  16. Brave move, but it paid off. I'm a non hair dyer, and I don't I ever will be, so hair dying in general is much too risky for me. I think it's pretty awesome that you tried this at home and it came out so well.

  17. @Mitha Komala thanks doll def give it a go!

    @Yara Simon thanks so much :)