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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fav Drugstore Lippies.

Hello loves!

So I today I want to share with you all my favorite drugstore lipsticks.

They are in no particular order..I love them all equally<3

I tried to pick a range of different colors to show you all.

Now let's talk lipsticks :)

From left to right:
  • Revlon- Soft Nude #070
  • Revlon- Peach #075
  • Revlon Matte- Pink Pout #002
  • Revlon Pearl - Apricot Fanstasy
  • NYX- Orange Soda #588
  • e.l.f- Captivating
  • e.l.f- Flirtatious
  • Wet n Wild Matte- #902C
  • Milani- Mandarina #42
  • e.l.f Matte Lip Color- Coral

*All of these lipsticks were swatched once

Soft Nude is hands down my favorite drugstore nude. I find the formula to be creamy and long lasting.
This is not one of those nudes that make you look washed out, its very wearable I believe for most skin tones.

Peach by Revlon used to be my least favorite lipstick I owned but I gave it a change a couple of weeks ago and I'm glad I did! It's a very natural peach tone lipstick on my pigmented pink lips.

Pink Pout is my go-to mauve lipstick. This a great easy to wear color not to intense and loud for the day.

Apricot Fantasy is a Pearl which you can see in the swatch. Honestly, Pearl formulas by Revlon don't appeal to me...but this lipstick is on another level! I don't mind the shimmer because the color looks amazing on!

Orange Soda is my favorite NYX lipstick that I own. The color looks great with a smokey eye look or just for every is one of those versatile colors.

e.l.f Captivating broke on its way to me but the formulation for a $1 is out of this world! This shade is great for the spring and fall. It's a wearable burnt orange color. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

e.l.f Flirtatious lipstick is such a beautiful opaque mauve-hot pink color. I'm sure it can be a dupe for some M.A.C bright pink lipsticks. This lipstick also had great lasting power & is matte.

Wet n Wild's #902C is part of their matte lipstick line and this is one of my go to lipsticks on a daily basis. This lipstick goes with a lot of different looks which I love!

Milani's Mandarina was my summer favorite hands down! I use to look for events to wear it too! It is just a neon orange which looks great with a summer glow <3

e.l.f Matte Lip Color in Coral is def my favorite drugstore peach lipstick. I really love the pigmentation and shade of this lippy just beautiful!!

What is your favorite drugstore lipstick? xoxo Catalina


  1. I've read 2 blogs so far suggesting the soft nude and pink pout. Sounds promising! I That wet n wild one is looking nice too. Thank you for helping me out on my hunt for drugstore nude lipsticks!!

  2. I really want Pink Pout but I'm hesitating because it's a matte and I have constantly dry lips. Have you seen the new shade Primrose? I'm in LOVE!

  3. @UrbanChicLuv any time! their both great lipsticks :)

    @GABY I just saw Primrose and I want it now! Try pairing matte lippies with a gloss so it wont be that sry :)

  4. Pretty shades... I want to try them all!

  5. @Laiqah def girl they will look amazing on you!

  6. I agree--these brands and shades are phenomenal!!! Soft Nude is a little pale for me, but I love to use it as the lightest shade for an ombre lip :))

  7. @Maryam Maquillage thats a nice tip I'll try that!

    @alicia they are! I'm obsessed! lol

  8. i love lipsticks more than glosses, but everytime i buy a lipstick, it turns out not to be a good one haha! , i really need to buy more lipsticks!

    i really love all of those shades! <3, if only they had revlon and e.l.f here </3

  9. @NenaTH e.l.f you can try ordering online! and remember that Revlooon CCO I told you closed :(

  10. i like the polish and thanks for share yoru tips :)