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Friday, December 2, 2011

November Favorites.

Hello everyone!

So I'm starting to get the hang of favorites post and monthly favorites are my new obsession!

I love checking YT and Blogger to see everyone's picks!

I just wanna remind everyone I change up my look from day to day so for me to reuse a product more then once is a big deal!

Now lets talk the talk...well makeup talk that is ;)

 M.A.C's Studio Fix Powder

I'm back to my pale skin ! Yes, I consider NC 43 pale lol! But I've been into powder foundation over liquid for this month.
My skin has been really good lately so I didn't feel the need for extra coverage.
Of course liquid last longer then powder but I just really love the natural look.

Plus I want to B2M soon!

M.A.C.'s Lightscapade MSF

I saw so many rave about this product but I wasn't sold by any of them until I saw Pinkcupcake211 a.k.a Carolina October Favorites
After I saw how much she loves it I knew I had to get it!
Luckily my M.A.C still had a lot of these bad boys left
If your looking for a beautiful glow to your face def look into this product!

M.A.C's Mocha Blush

M.A.C's Mocha blush is a matte and is such a nice mauvy/pink color. 
I can say I wore this blush at least 3x this month that is a lot especially since I'm a blush addict :x

Bourjois Delice de Poudre #52

This color is a caramel bronzer, which is sheer. I've use this to contour my cheeks so much this month it's crazy!! I would layer about 2-3 times the product onto my face because it is sheer. It doesn't look muddy when you build up the intensity.

TooFaced Hollywood Medium Concealer
E.L.F Matte Lip Color in Natural
E.L.F Bubblegum Lipgloss
Honestly, the TooFaced concealer is the sh*t! I love how it lightens up your under eye and last the whole say!
I've been into this lip combo a lot this that I mean at least 3x.
It's a really nice light pink combo for everyday plus super affordable <3

What products have you been loving in Nov? xo Catalina


  1. Great favourites! :)

  2. @StealMyHeartLove thanks lovely <3

  3. i dont know why i don't own any MAC blushes. Your matte one looks gorgeous. Makes me want to stock up on some. :)

  4. @Hilda def look into them they are great I'm a little addicted :x lol