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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Send Me Your Wishlist.

This is my personal wish list I'm slowly trying to purchase all these products.
Whether with gift cards or my own money I really want these items before the new year!

Of course their mostly cheek products...I have issues!

Now let's see what products I've been dying to get<3

1. NARS Miss Liberty Highlighter
2. Illamasqua Blush in Hussy
3. M.A.C Lustre Drops in Sun Rush
4. NARS Blush in Sin
5. NARS Blush in Love Joy
6. YSL Lipstick in Nude Beige

  • Miss Liberty is NARS new Highlighter which I had no idea about till I saw Tanisa tweet about it. Def check out her blog StealMyHeartLovee she always has great post <3 
  • Okay so I've been wanting this blush for a minute! Grr I need Hussy now!!
  • After purchasing Pink Rebel I feel like I need Sun Rush since its gives off more of a glow. Pink Rebel gives off more of a dewy look.

  • I've been getting into mauvy/purple blushes lately. I was looking into this blush but wasnt sure how I felt about the shimmer, since NARS tends to have alot of glitter and shimmer in their products, but after seeing so many raves on various blogs I know it's a must have.

  • I must admit I've seen Love Joy all over the place and a lot of girls say this blush goes with every makeup look. I guess I'm finally giving into temptation! lol

  • I feel like every girl has experience the amazingness of YSL but me! This lipstick has been on my wishlist for such a long time...I just keep buying everything but :(  
What's on your wishlist this year? xo Catalina


  1. Love your wishlist :). I am really wanting Tarte Exposed blush, Benefit Creaseless Creams in Skinny Jeans and Birthday Suit, and NYX Slide On Glide On liners!

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  3. i've also been wanting a YSL lipstick for a long time now!, it just costs so much ( especially here where i live) and i am not sure yet which colour i would want :/

    ( i also did a wishlist and it's on my blog if you want to check it out)

  4. @To Blush, or not to Blush girl you have some great picks on your wishlist!

    @NenaTH I feel the same way and I will def check out your post I always love your blog!!

  5. I love blushes too! I wanted to add the NARS Danmari set to my wishlist but I already have three of those blushes that are nowhere near used up.

    I want that YSL lipstick too! I'm gonna share a wishlist on my blog too before the week's out.

  6. You must get everything on your wishlist! :D NARS Miss Liberty will look stunning on you... well; you're super gorgeous; everything looks amazing on you!

    I don't even own a YSL lipstick... so sad. It's on my wishlist too.

  7. I love product #4 NARS Sin, super pretty!! I'm having an accessory giveaway on my blog today. I hope you'll stop by and check it out!

  8. @Miss Dre I'll def check ouy your wishlist when its up :)

    @StealMyHeartLove thanks so much!! We need YSL in our lives now!! I cant wait to get Miss Liberty because of you! lol

    @Mandy I cant wait to get that blusher!! I'll def check out your giveaway :)

  9. anything by nars is awesome as far as i'm concerned :) my wish list: a red leather clutch and a purple watch i saw on shopbop. you bet i emailed links for both things to my mom :)

  10. @indie.electronic.alternative haha I love that you emailed them to your mom!

  11. they sure are MUST HAVES! Especially the YSL lipstick! Sooner or later, they will all be yours chica. :)

  12. love your wish list.I hope you'll get them soon

  13. @Hilda Madrigal I hope so I'm cant wait to get it <3

    @Maya thanks so much I wanna see yours!!

  14. YSL lipsticks are amazing! They're on my wishlist too. :)