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Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Makeup Show NYC 2013

I feel dreadful for being absent from the blogging world for so long but school really kicked my ass this semester. I will be blogging more frequently this summer so stay tuned :)
I attended the Makeup Show this year with my sister and friends, we had an amazing time! It was extremely crowded compared from last year but the discounts were all the same.
There are some pictures I wanted to share with you all. I hope you enjoy them xo

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

The OCC booth was pretty packed but they had a lot of their products! I must admit my main reason for stopping by was for the lip tars. I had a wish list pending forever, but I held out till I got to the Makeup Show. The order was placed electronically which I thought was cool to have the receipt emailed to me.


The most professional and organized booth was Nars, in my opinion. They were extremely helpful and the line moved rather quickly. They did not have all of their products but I did manage to pick up some items I've been dying to have. The new collection was available, I regret not picking up the blushes but I did get a multiple in Puerto Vallarta.

Makeup Forever

The wait for Makeup Forever was cray cray! Their booth had the most products from their line in comparison to the other companies. The only draw back was they mixed up my order so I had to go back and exchange, luckily I caught the mix up early. 


  1. The make up of the first picture is so incredible !

  2. Wow.. absolutely love this post! Im a new follower-- looking forward to new posts from you!!

    Rica xx