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Monday, June 24, 2013

BECCA Cosmetics.

I was intrigued by Becca Cosmetics after seeing these products featured on various blogs and motd. Since it is summertime the water-resistant color beach tint in Peach grabbed my attention along side the pressed bronzing powder in Salsa.
The bronzer is a very nice brown/golden color but I will be using it in the winter time since I am pretty tan now. The beach tint in Peach can be used for the cheeks and lips making it a versatile product during these hot summer months. 

Pressed Bronzing Powder in Salsa

The consistance of the bronzer is smooth since it is a mineral based bronzer. It has small refined golden shimmer. I will be using this product as a highlighter for the summer time and during the winter as a blush.

Beach Tint in Peach

The fact that this is a multi use product makes me love it even more! The product is very pigmented long lasting on my lips. When applied it was not drying at all. I havent experimented it on my cheeks but I'm so excited to see how it looks. 

 Salsa Bronzer
Top: Beach Tint in Peach
Bottom: Salsa Bronzer 

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