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Friday, February 7, 2014

Review: Kardashian En-Joystick Lip Lacquers.

It has been way too long...and I am back with some new goodies from the Kardashian's Beauty line. This winter has been horrible and my lips have been suffering the consequence. 

 I am in LOVE with their lipstick in a stick form, not only are they moisturizing, but they have a matte finish. Can you say perfect for this tundra weather? 

Keep reading for an in depth review on four of the shades I picked up from Ulta and Duade Reade. 

 Shocking Pink

My camera does not pick up the beauty of this lipstick at all. It is a fuchia pink color and it is perfect for the spring. All of the lipsticks have this shape, but once used the point forms a dome shape. 

Modern Mauve
This lipstick has become my go-to nude, as you can tell. I love this lipstick so much! I compliments my skin tone perfectly and it hydrates my lips while adding a splash of peach/nude color :)

Rose Parade
I've worn this lipstick not to long ago and my sister pointed out how much it looks like M.A.C.'s Ruby Woo. I love Ruby Woo but it tends to dry my lips. I wore this lipstick for an entire day and it did not bleed. Compared to Ruby Woo, Rose Parade was extremely moisturizing on my lips <3

Sea Coral
I have yet to wear this lipstick, since its winter and I reach for my darks and red shades, but I can not wait for spring! I have a feeling Sea Coral is going to become my favorite peachy coral lipstick !


Left to Right:   Shocking Pink • Modern Mauve • Rose Parade • Sea Coral

What are your thoughts on the Kardashian's Beauty line? xo


  1. hi :)
    i have just Rose Parade and i love it.
    i want sea Coral.

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  3. Your blog is super cute! Great review of these products! :)
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