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Saturday, July 6, 2013

How to Style: Unisex Tees

I personal love unisex tees just because they can be styled so diversely. You can change a graphic tee from a day to night look with adjusting some of your favorite stable pieces!

Todays post features one of my favorite graphic tee from A.Marie Clothing 
Amanda is the CEO of A.Marie clothing which offers amazing styles for men and women. The material is super comfortable and light weight. Definitely check out the site for more styles and info. Here are some of the featured looks from her clothing line A.Marie Clothing.

Day Look #1
By pairing a graphic tee with a bold lipstick and some arm candy you can really make the outfit look urban.
I personally love the way high waisted shorts look when paired with a graphic tee and some kicks. It is a perfect summer outfit :)

Day Look #2
Another way to spice up your graphic tees is by grabbing that scissor and cutting away! Here my sister has cut the sleeves and made a slit in the middle of the shirt. By doing this, you can add a chunky necklace which will emphasis your whole look :)

Night Look 
Here, I've styled the tee with a chunky rhinestone necklace and a lace shirt. I would definitely pair this outfit with black heels or booties. You can also pair the graphic tee with a blazer for those chilly nights.  


  1. Tees are my absolute favorite thing to wear. So easy to just throw on with a comfy pair of boyfriend jeans and heels. And YES! Can't forget the hot red lipstick!

  2. Great photos and hair!

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