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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Revlon Haul.

Revlon is my favorite drugstore brand for foundation and lip products!
I also love their nail polishs <3

I went to the Cosmetic Warehouse in NYC and all of the products are marked down. Honestly their prices are a great deal! If your in the NYC area I would recommend going there.

Now lets talk lippies ;) ... 


From Left to Right:

Pink Sugar - ColorBurst Lipstick #006

Kiss Me Coral - Super Lustrous Lipstick (Creme) #750

Coral Berry - Super Lustrous Lipstick (Creme) #674

Blase Apricot - Moon Drops Lipstick (Creme) #702

24K Orange - Moon Drops Lipstick (Frost) #706

Crystal Cut Coral - Moon Drops Lipstick (Frost) #700


 Pink Sugar -This lipstick has virtually no color pay off!! If you want a lipstick that has small refined sparkles then you may consider using this as a top layer to bring out a glitter affect.

Kiss Me Coral -This lipstick is a beautiful coral with red under tones. The pigmentation is great as well.

Coral Berry - This lipstick is a peachy color with pink undertones. The reference color on the bottom of the lipstick is not the same color of the lipstick at all.

Blase Apricot -This lipstick is one if my favorites out of the bunch. Its such a pretty pink color! Perfect for this summer.

24K Orange -This lipstick is a frost but the color is very build able. The lipstick does have shimmer but it is not overwhelming. 

Crystal Cut Coral -This lipstick is also a frost. This lipstick is a mauvey pink but is still bright and fun to wear :)

ColorBrust LipGloss

From Left to Right:

Strawberry Fraise

Rosegold Or Rose


 All of these lip glosses have small refined shimmer in them.

Strawberry Fraise - I would describe this color as a watermelon color.

Rosegold Or Rose- This color is a dusty peach.

Papapya - This color is a lovely coral shade.

What are your favorite Revlon Lip products? <3


  1. I Love Revlon! =)

  2. These are all great the corals right about now...well all the time. :-)


  3. Oh wow you bought alot of lip products but their nice colors

  4. @Tiffany so do I!

    @Dhalia I'm on the same boat as you! and that coral skirt of yours!! LOVE

    @bella thank you gorgeous!

  5. I am so jealous of your awesome haul!!

    My favourite Revlon Lip Product has to be my Nude Lustre Lip Gloss. That reminds me that I have not used it in forever. :)

    The Cat Hag

  6. Oh my it's lip heaven lol. Love the revlon lipstick and lip glosses. Just wanted to let you know that I awarded you with the Liebster Award over on my blog. :)

  7. i purchased a Maybelline peach lipstick , beyond perfect , i think it will look great with tanned skin

  8. I wish i was in your city to get a deal on these lipsticks! I love alllll the colors!!!

  9. the base apricot color looks super pretty. i think im done with my coral phase so right now im super into reds so im always on the hunt for beautiful reds lol

  10. beautiful colors--I especially love revlon's Chanel-esque packaging hehe... I'm a sucker for good design!

  11. @The Cat Hag hmm I might have to try that one out :x lol

    @frugalspender19 thank you so much!
    that means the world to me!

    @TheFashionWizard i want to check that lippie out now :)

    @Hilda Madrigal when ever your in NYC!! and I'm in love with all the colors!

    @Donna ♥ Baby base apricot is one of my favs out of that much! so pretty!

    @Maryam Maquillage haha so am I!! LimeCrime's packaging is drawn me in
    ! lol

  12. these lipstick shades are gorgeous for summer! xo

  13. Fab colours:) very pretty.


  14. @Jessica French thanks and I'm obsessed with them lol

    @2 Mates and a Blog thank you!

    @Billie Houghton thank you and so are you!

  15. are coral berry and blase apricot bascially the same?