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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Too Faced Cosmetics F&F Sale.

Too Faced had a Friends & Family Sale which included a 20% off your entire purchase, so
I decided to order some items I've had my eye on for a while!

I just received this items in the mail so I will not be disgusting lasting power or how they wear, just how the products swatched, felt, etc. 

So lets get this get into it :) 

I died over the packaging, I might just purchase more items from them in order to receive other pretty pink boxes with pink fringe <3
Mini Shadow Insurance- I was so happy this was included in the package because I have never tried it! I've always used UDPP and now I have it in the new packaging which I really love even more!!
I am excited to try this because I've hear nothing but great things =]

Mini Lip Insurance- I always have a problem with my lippies lasting power even higher end brands...maybe it's because I rub my lips together a lot? Bad habit I know :( 
Anyway, I have no idea why I haven't bought a lip primer before, hopefully this item will sell me ;)

Sun Bunny Bronzing Powder- I did swatch this item and the right hand side was light and had shimmer which I think would be great for a highlight.
The right hand side was a nice bronze color with shimmer.

Can't wait to use this <3

Herbal Eye Concealer in Hollywood Medium
I've heard nothing but raves about this product and I am in serious need of a new under eye concealer. 
I use E.L.F's everyday but wanted something for special occasions and M.A.C.'s studio concealer consistency is too thick for my under eye area.  
I think this shade will provide the right coverage for me considering I am pretty tan =]

Ooh La Rouge- Avant Garde Blush

So I haven't heard much talk about this product but it def caught my eye...I wonder why? lol!!

Left: This is the color on the Left of duo.
This color is a milky pink in person.

Middle: This is the color to the RIGHT of the duo.
This color is a peach in person.

Right: This color is both of them mixed together.
This color is a coral color in person.

Bottom: Color on the Left of the duo
Middle: Color on the Right of the duo
Top: Mixed Color
This colors were hard to photography but the blush is pigmented and has a super smooth consistency.
Also, these colors stayed on a while on my hand.

Matte Bronzing Powder in Chocolate Soleil
I've been wanting this Bronzer since I've seen it on various of my favorite beauty bloggers mentioning it and expressing their love of it!

This Bronzer is truly Matte and is a nice shade of brown. I'm def going to use this to contour my face.

What is your favorite Too Faced product? xoxo


  1. The Avant Garde Blush looks gorgeous! Great picks (:

  2. oh have been wishlisting that bronzer! thanks for sharing

  3. I have always wanted to try two face

  4. Too faced is a great brand, you picked some beautiful products :) I hope you enjoy the primers

  5. @Gaby It really is gorg! and a little goes a long way =]

    @LilladyLife the bronzer is great and smells like chocolate!

    @bella I love their Natural Palette from Too should check out some things from them their a great company =]

    @Beauty Soiree thank you! and the lip primer is working well so far! lol