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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sedu Ionic Ceramic Pro Flat Iron.

So my flat iron broke, so I began the search for which flat iron to purchase next.
It was either between CHI or GHD.

I know these are really good quality flat irons but they did not offer the right size since I like flat irons that are a little more in width.

For reference I have naturally curly hair that does get frizz alot and takes about 30 mins to straighten on my own.

So now lets talk hair!

  • This flat iron is was purchased from
  • Its is the 1 1/2" Ceramic Tourmaline  Flat Iron.
  • It came with a Free Heat Proof Pouch.
  • 2 year Warrenty. 
  • Heating levels: 250, 280, 320, 360, 410

They had a summer sale with a $25 off entire purchase so it was perfect time to purchase this item.
I've seen and read many reviews about this Flat Iron and I've been very impressed so far!
This is how my hair looked after I've used it...

This Flat Iron claims to:
" Smooth straightening motion without pulling your hair.
Cut your hair straightening time in half.
Hair is 3x smoother and silkier than when straightened by other hair irons.
Renew hair with softness and shine.
No hair damage, eliminates frizz."

My Opinion: 
This is the best flat iron I've ever had!

It did not leave my hair frizzy at all and my hair was super straight!

I used the 360 degree and it look me about 20 mins. to complete my hair, but my hair is very thin so take that into account.

The next day my hair was still straight just my tips got alittle wavy but I like how that looks and you can always re straighten it :)

Whats your favorite hair straightener? xoxo


  1. I have pretty straightish hair so I rarely use a straightener :) Nice review!

    My blog :)

  2. ahh a hair straightener , when u posted that preview on twitter i was wondering what it would be lol

    great review! i don't have a favorite hair straightener, mostly because i don't use one anymore, i used to straighten my hair but now i actually love my wavy hair (unless i fall asleep with wet hair then my hair is all over the place in the morning lol)

  3. @Beauty By Rosh x your lucky! lol and thank you xo

    @NenaTH lol I didnt wanna give it away on twitter! and wavy hair is the best and thats good that you dont straighten it :)

    @Jennifer thanks so much hun!

  4. I have yet to find a straightener that I love. I have only used Revlon and Chi though. I have really long hair like yours and debating on the many brands to choose from. The chi seems to pull at my hair a lot and I feel like it leaves it frizzy.

  5. @Brandy def try the sedu its fabulous!