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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Jewelry Storage Tips.

I'm a very visual person and I love to be able to see everything laid out or else I forget what I own.

I want to start some helpful tips that make storing your jewelry easy, even in a small space.

Tip #1: Use all the available space

As you can see where I store my jewelry is a small area. I wish I had a vanity, but I tried to find new storage systems to help with the limited space I have.

 Tip #2: Be organized.
The more organized you are the more items you can fit in one particular area.

I use the back of a closet door to hold up long necklaces. You can even place them against your wall with nails. Jewelry is beautiful and can be displayed without looking awkward so don't be afraid to try new storage methods.

  Tip #3: Be creative.

Tip #4: Use organizers.
Organizers are great for storage and can be used to store other products other then jewelry.
They can also be placed on top of other items.

Tip #5: Use house hold items such as a Martini Glass

 Martini Glasses are great to hold earrings that are large and have a hook like end to them.
 I also place my favorite bracelets in them for easy access.

Tip #6 Use old storage that's just laying around.

This draws used to hold all of my makeup a long time ago and I decided they would be great to store rings, bracelets, and beaded jewelry.

Tip #7: Use a good old fashion jewelry box.

I love this to store studded earrings, necklaces, pendants, and jewelry that can be easily broken.

What are some of your favorite storage items? <3


  1. great ideas, i shall try them out :)

  2. @Stacey let me know how it goes :)

  3. Most of my jewelry is in containers and my more precious stuff is in a jewelry box. I love the idea of a martini glass, how creative! You have some great storage tips lady! :)

  4. @Ebru thank you so much love! I guess its part due to now much of a neat freak I am lmao

  5. These are some awesome tips!
    I need to sort my jewellery out this weekend.
    Yours looks great!


  6. i need to use some of your tips, I keep my jewelry in their original boxes, so I've got tons and tons of boxes that take up waaaay to much room lol... thanks for this post :)))

  7. @MaryanMaquillage np hun!! glad its inspirational :)

  8. This is a great post. Now that I have my makeup organized and under control I need to start doing something about my jewelry. Thanks for all the cool ideas! ;)

  9. @WitchHazel any time! Hope you get everything organized to your liking!