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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Lime Crime Lipsticks.

I've been lusting after this lipsticks for a while, but I convienced myself to wait till there was a sale and there was!!

Lime Crime reached 35,000 Fans on Facebook so they had a 35% off code for one day only. Lucky I had all of this lipsticks ready to order and once the clock turned 12 the site went bonkers!! 

I was flipping out but lucky the order went through <3

From left to right:

Coquette is nude lipstick with a pink undertone. It is from the Pop Romance Collection and it is limited edition.

D'Lilac is a pretty pale lavender color. Its super pretty and looks great on!

Cosmopop is my favorite out of the bunch and it is a soft orange color. I don't own any lipstick in this particular shade since its quite unique. 

Retrofuturist is a vibrant red shade and quite lovely.

This lipsticks are very opaque, not tested on animals, and certified cruelty-free by PETA.

I'm truly in love with these lipsticks and the formulation is creamy.

The colors can be built up to more coats for a more intense color.

Since this is stage makeup, these colors are true to color when applied on lips and long lasting.

What's your favorite Lime Crime shade? <3


  1. ooo lucky! I really want those lipstick ^_^ Nice swatches!

    btw, Congratulations!
    You've been tagged-- Top 10 Blog Award, skincare edition!
    Please click the link:

  2. @KawaiiBarbie yes they are lovely! and thanks so much for the tag I'll link you back and get on it as soon as possible!! <3

  3. nice lipsticks! especially love the first one (Conquette?)

    i also am not sure if you got my message on twitter so i am going to say it here again, i won an award on my blog and i was supposed to give it to 15 other people and i gave one to you :) , you can see it on my blog

  4. wow that purple one is sickly amazing!!! would look amazing on medium tan skin tone :D

  5. @NenaTH thanks so much your so lovely!!! <3

    @Maryam Maquillage it does look gorgeous on med tan skin tone!! LOVE IT!

  6. Love, love, love Cosmopop, So jealous of you! :D :D, Want to buy orange shade lipstick, but can't find the shade, that I would like..//
    Nice review

  7. @VictoriaRud you should try e.l.f's Captivating its a really nice wearable orange, or Revlon's Siren or 24k Orange :) sry for the late response