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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Makeup Show NYC 2012

The Makeup Show took place May 13- 14 2012 in NYC.
For more info on which cities it is held and etc click on the link :) The Makeup Show
I went with my sister and we had a blast! 
It was Mother's Day so we arrived around 1ish and luckily everything we wanted was not sold out.

  • M.A.C Pro was there and they had 20% off. Applications for the Pro card were being given there as well. Their system was organized considering it was crowded.
  • NARS had 30% off and of course I went a little cray cray! The sales people were so nice I was chi chatting it up as I waited on line with my product sheet.
  • MUFE had so much of their merchandise for 40% off! They had a great system, you waited in line but each person filled out a paper of the products you wanted and a sales person would go around collecting it. With in no time you were paying for your products :)
  • Inglot was there and the prices are in one of the pictures I took. 
So many different companies were there and a variety of classes were being offered as well. 
I had a fabulous time. I do regret not purchasing some products but there's always next year <3 


  1. U are beautifull.
    Great pictures.

  2. OMG... Amazing! Beautiful pictures!