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Monday, May 30, 2011

Spring Trends.

okay, I know I'm a little late and summer is just around the corner...

BUT Spring is one of my favorite seasons and I really want to share with all of you all my thoughts on what's in this spring.

Here are my own picks, there are so many other trends out right now 
but I feel these are the most wearable for everyday =]

Mixing Patterns/Prints

Demonstrated with this romper, this is the latest trend!
I believe this trend will continue into summer as well.
Another example of this trend could be mixing strips and floral prints.
This trend can be alittle tricky, the key is not to match but have the patterns/prints be in unison with one another.

In my opinion this is the trend I like the most, and I will be using my creativity to come up with other combos ;)

Denim Jackets/Shirts 
Denim is hot right now!
By adding denim outer wear in your outfit you can easily transform the outfit from day to night.
They look great paired with dress, shirts, and cargo pants.
They are esstenial for rainy days as well =]

Floral Print/ Tie-Dye
Floral anything has been a trend since last summer.
It is still going strong this spring as well.
So start bringing those floras out again ladies!!
I have been seeing a new trend though, the floral prints have gradually become smaller.
The skirt on the right is an example of this trend.
With the floras being smaller, everything becomes blended together and you can not distinguish the flowers.

Tie-Dye has been making a big come back!
Tie-Dye looks great on shirts and skirts.
It can make the outfit hippish yet modern as well =] LOVE <3

Cargo Pants/ High Waisted Shorts

Cargo Pants are great for those April showers and windy days.
I really love how geat they look paired with sneakers or flats.
Even adding a simple V-Neck T-Shirt looks effortless.
The plus to cargo pants is they never go out of style =]

High-Waisted Shorts are a great transition piece from spring to summer.
To me they are a must have!
They look great with lose tank tops tucked in and crop tops!
Such a 70's trend <3

Sneaker-Flats (Vintage Shoes)

Vintage shoes are amazing and 80's footwear is making a huge come back!
These shoes remind me of something straight out of Sixteen Candels. =]
They have a flat look to them and the laces add on a sneaker feel to the shoe.

These look great with dresses, shirts, and black demin shoes.
They are becoming my favorite shoes and the most comfortable ones I own <3

Nude High Heels
I first started seeing Nude Heels in stores this past December and I became hooked!
It's quite sad I don't own not one Black Pump but three nude heels!! All different styles though ;)
To me nude anything, whether it be flats or heels goes with any outfit!!
I love these and they look great with just about any dress or jeans =]

HMM..maybe I need to start searching for nude flats LOL!

What is your favorite Spring Trend this season?

Don't forget about Polka Dots ;) xoxo


  1. Florals! I have been floral crazy this season. & this my 1st time I am buying things with flowers on that, that is so not me. & I also love the bright lipstick trend, color-blocking, & the maxi skirts.

    xo $ARMIN

  2. i love the prints and floral, yeah they will definitely be there in summer.. the flat vintage are so practical as well, they can go with pretty much everything :)

  3. I love the romper and the prints.I love nude heels too but i cant walk in heels lol

  4. Your shoes are so cute, and I love mixing patterns and prints! :)

    The Cat Hag

  5. @Cupcakes and Cosmopolitans I LOVE maxi shirts I'm to short to wear them tho :(
    & Florals are amazing! Glad your getting into them <3

    @lil miss Sauniya your abs right =]

    @TheeFknGoddess I used to not be able to walk in heels but with practice you'll get better =]

    @The Cat Hag YES! I hate matching so this trend is great for people that love to mix it up!

  6. i seriously LOVE Mixing pattern/prints , Denim , Floral Print, high waisted shorts and Nude Heels.

    i still need to buy nude heels i have wanted nude heels for a very long time now but i haven't seen any in shoe stores here in Norway :/

  7. love those sneaker flats--wish i could wear them, but alas i cannot; i'm 5.2 and need a little (a lot of) help from heels :))) cute post!

  8. hey btw i wanted to tell you that i won a stylish blogger award and i was supposed to pick 7 bloggers to pass it on to and you are one of the bloggers i chose :) you can see it here

  9. Do you remember where you got the romper from? It's so cute!

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  11. @NenaTH thank you so much! that means so much to me you have no idea!! <3

    @Maryam Maquillage I'm 5'2 as well! I've been anti heels lately and embracing my shortness! lol

    @Dallas I bought it in a store near my house =]