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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wet n Wild Lipsticks.

Hey everyone!

So I was in search for a specific lipstick at the drug store and didn't find it but something else caught my eye.

I have own these lipstick formula in lighter shades and I absolute love them!

They are completely matte and can be layered.

These colors caught my eye mainly because its fall and they scremed BUY ME!

So lets take a look..

From Left to Right:
915B- Spiked with Rum
918D- Cherry Bomb
919B- Vamp It Up

From Left to Right:

 915B Spiked with Rum- this color a brown tan color which is absolutely stunning!

918D Cherry Bomb- is a dark raspberry red color. This color is great during the day and night.

 919B Vamp It Up- is a dark purple tone lipstick which is so unique for a drug store brand to carry.

What is your favorite fall lipstick? <3


  1. I LOVE these lipsticks.. I have a bunch but am trying to collect every color. Velvet Red is definitely one of my favorites lately.

  2. Those colours are so pretty! Can't wait to see them on you :)

  3. Love the vamp it up color

  4. The colors are perfect for fall/winter! I love the picks!


  5. Im a huge fan of red lipstick and i have always sticked to British Red, Loreal...but i think im gonna give the Cherry Bomb a try =)

    *great blog*

  6. @WitchHazel Velvet Red is on my wish list :)

    @Laiqah thank you love!

    @Raw Fashion Magazine its one of my favorite!

    @Hilda Madrigal yes they scream FALL!! lol

    @Bessie yes def give it a try its only $3!!

  7. Thank you for doing my MAC survey hun :)

    I love your blog! Vamp It Up is my favourite lip shade, it would go perfect for Halloween ;)

    Great post! ♥

  8. really lovely swatches, I need to give w-n-w more love :))

  9. @Maryam Maquillage yes def do you wont be dissappointed ;)