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Friday, October 7, 2011

Rachel Zoe's New Home.

I hope everyone is doing well.

Today I wanted to discuss one of my many loves..interior design.

My mother has greatly influenced me in this area. I could spend hours with her shopping for home decor and I assist her on modern aspects to incorporate into the home.

During this season of the Rachel Zoe's Project, Rachel and Roger move into a new luxurious home.

Rachel Zoe appointed one of her employees, Jeremiah Brent, to design her home and it came out fabulous.

It was exactly what Rachel wanted if you want to check out the episode it is in this link The Rachel Zoe Project

I personally love Rachel Zoe. She seems so sweet and down to earth. & Her fashion sense is a killer!

The Living Room
Personally I love the modern feel to this living room but still keeping it classy. The sofa is amazing! I def want one similar to this one when I purchase a home.
The detailing in the color scheme makes the living room lovely. 
The fact that very little furniture emphasis space and the natural lighting.

The Office

I love how the wood compliments the white rug and zebra print perfectly.
The shelve with office essentials out in the open is very modern and space conscious. 
I really love how low the paintings are as well.

The Dining Room
The white plastic chairs with the deep brown wood is such a nice contrast I would have never thought of!
I love the accent piece which is a vanity with a mirror and yellow flowers.
The chandelier adds a nice chic touch along with the painting/photo.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is so modern and spacious.
I love that the classic theme of white was incorporated even into the kitchen table and chairs. 

The Nursery

I love this nursery for a little boy. There are so many objects that will stimulate the little baby's development and also looks like a place Rachel will enjoy spending a lot of her time.

The Bedroom

I love how simple and basic the bedroom is.
It doesn't have clutter which is perfect to relax.
I love the small detail to patterns and colors in the room.
I love how the emphasis is on the light bulb in the middle of the room.

Which is your favorite room? <3


  1. I love Rachel Zoe! She has amazing taste in fashion. I seriously love every room's clean & simple!


  2. @Natalie I love very single one as well so inspiring!

  3. Nice blog ;)
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  4. i absolutely love it i can't even pick a favorite room! i remember seeing the episode and poor Jeremiah only had less than 2 weeks to design the whole house but what an amazing job!

  5. I love watching the Rachel Zoe Project... She has great taste, not the same as mine, but I love the office! The entire house seems so modern! Very unique!

  6. @Kimberly i thought the same thing! & yay a blogger from ny!! I'm from ny too :)

    @Orange Autumn I totally agree with you <3

    @DailyGlamour so am I! her closet is HUGE!

  7. I love every room! My favorite is the kitchen, I love those windows.

  8. Its gorgeous! white is definitely my color.

    xo MEL