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Monday, May 16, 2011

Cherry Culture and Forever 21 Haul.

YES! my first Haul post and I love everything!!
I finally got my hands on Rose D'oro mineralized blush and let me tell you it was not easy!! 
It's always sold out :( and it takes forever to restock!!

Same problem with NYX Lipstick in Orange Soda.
One of my favorite fashion/beauty guru on YT considers this her favorite and I knew I had to have it!

Now on to the Haul <3

From Left to Right:
NYX Blush in Taupe
I needed a new contouring blush and after seeing various swatches I knew I needed it!
Milani Baked Blush in Rose D'oro
I'll admit it I'm a Blush Whore! This blush has be raved about and for good reason!
I absolute love it and it gives the perfect flush of Coral with a hint of shimmer on the cheeks.
Milani Minerals Blush in Mai-Tai
This is a matte coral Blush that last the whole day! I really love this paired with nude lips!
NYX Lip Lacquer in Coral-Licious
I've been on an Orange addiction lately and this was just so tempting! The pigmentation is great and leaves a beautiful orange gloss to the lips =]

From Left to Right: 
NYX Gloss in Apricot
This color is not an apricot color at all, more for a coral-red, but who cares its gorgeous! Very pigmented and the lasting power is good for just two dollars!
NYX Lipstick in Narcissus
This lipstick is a true baby doll vibrant pink color. The pigmentation is amazing and ooh so creamy as well! 
NYX Lipstick in Orange Soda
Now I know why its always sold out! This lipstick color is the perfect peachy color with a nude hint. This lipstick paired with a gloss...PERFECTION!
NYX Lipstick in Strawberry Milk
I was a little hesitant on purchasing this lipstick because I've seen reviews saying it looks ashy, but to my surprise it is a really nice light pink...kinda reminds me of something Snookie would wear lol     

Now on to the clothes!

My fatal mistake going to Forever 21 when I was suppose to go to M.A.C! To my surprise Forever 21 had really great deals and finds! Lately its been a hit or miss for me.

I love sunglasses! Last summer big sunglasses were in but this summer its for sure:  Cat Frame and small frame sunglasses that are making a come back and I'm not complaining!

Shorts were 8-9 dollars! Compared to other clothing stores and in this economy there were basically free!
On the left: basic black jean shorts
On the right: medium denim shorts with small cut off/fringe at the ends.

Nail Polish:
On the left: Sky Blue
This color is great for spring/summer. Just a vibrant bright alittle deeper then baby blue color that adds a pop to any outfit!
On the right:Gold (Glitter)
This is a fun gold glitter polish paired over a peach nail polish! My new fav combo <3

What are are some purchases that you are loving right now? 
Do tell!! xoxo 


  1. Don't you just love the Rose d' Oro blush?! It's def my favorite blush! You got some great stuff!

  2. Loved your haul! Hope you're enjoying Rose D'oro :)) The NYX lip lacquer looks so pretty, I think I need it!

  3. @Lais Yes I love Rose D'oro so happy I have it now =]

    @Ebru I really like the lip lacquer it is a true orange color and now need for a gloss on top =] I'm sure you'll love it !

  4. WOW are all those shades from F21? I didnt know they had such fab looking ones....well then again F21 has just about everything now a days.


  5. @Dhalia yes their nail polishes are nice! I like the matte shades but they do chip after a week's time.

    The Gold glitter polish is perfect to place on top of a color

    I'm wearing it over a peach matte nail polish and it looks amazing!!

    You should check them out =]

  6. I love your blog!!!

  7. i can't help but be a jellly belly when i see this ! i love it i wish we had forever 21 in australia x

  8. I love sunglasses too, I really like the ones you've got too, especially those tortoiseshell ones! They're gorgeous. And shorts are definitely a Summer must have. x

  9. @Cutelildreamer thank you so much!

    @Emma come to the states! Our dollar is worth nothing so you can have a lovely shopping spree here!! haha

    @Jasmin thank you so much! I love unique frame sunglasses Luckily they don't look odd on me! lol

    and yes shorts are a must! but dresses are my fav! =]

  10. I love the sunglasses and the lipsticks! I just stumbled upon your blog and I love it! I'm following xD

  11. wow,love those lovely blush,love your blog too,can,t wait to see more..loves n hugs from me ╮(╯3╰)╭

  12. great haul!!! I love milani blushes, I gotta try their baked blushes, Ive heard so many raves about it. and omg I go through sunglasses @ f21 like no tomorrow LOL! Thanks for stopping by my page, Im a new follower of yours now and cant wait for your next posts! :)

  13. Helloooo. Your blog is very nice. I liked it. I have a very interesting blog. You should visit and follow my blog. Thanks.

  14. @Leah I love their reg blushes as well but the Baked Blushes are amazing! they are just like higher end blushes and for the fraction of the cost!!

    & I also dig through F21 sunglasses you can always end up finding little treasures! haha

    & thank you <3

    @I.B.G thank you and I most def will =]

  15. @jasminblog4ever thanks so much that means so much since I just started blogging but I really love it and hugs right back xoxo

    @bueaty By Rosh x thanks so much! I'm following you right back <3

  16. Most recent purchase was a Clarasonic, it's amazing! Love your picks and lovely blog! x, Jesa

  17. lovely haul hun:)...dont u just love the milani blush..been loving mine:)