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Friday, May 27, 2011

NYX Haul

So I'm dunzo with school which means more blog posts coming soon =]
I want to thank everyone for their positive feed back and for sharing their thoughts with me <3

NYX is one of my favorite makeup companies. 
These items are not from their annual 50% sale. I saw a lot of beauty girls on my Twitter talkiing about how the site was acting up.

It would have been nice to get $1 lippies tho :x

Now on to the mini Haul ;)

                    This items were purchased on Cherry Culture and bought with my own money.

NYX Glitter Cream Pallets
Top: Sweet Chocolate Browns 09
Bottom: One Night In Luxy 12

I must confess I bought this palettes for my sister whom has been wanting them for the longest!
I was planning to pick them up at I.M.A.T.S NYC in April but NYX didnt have a booth there which I was disappointed about :(

I have not tried this shadows yet, but placed on top of a matte eyeshadow will look so pretty for a night out ;)
They come with two applicators. The colors are pigmented and the color range is great for creating various looks on the lid.

Once I swatched the shadows they consisted of mainly glitter, but once you hit the next layer underneath, there is a cream texture to the shadow with the glitter mixed in.

I have no idea if they produce fall out, but with an eyeshadow primer and spraying M.A.C's Fix + onto the brush before application should do the trick.

NYX Rouge Cream Blushes
Top: Glow 05
Bottom: Rose Petal 01

I own Orange from NYX prior and I love the formulation in these Cream Blushes!
They have never broke me out, and I have oily skin.
They work best with a stippling brush.
I use Sigma's F15 Duo Fibre brush to place the color and blend it out.
A little bit goes a long way with these blushes, so a light dab into them is all you need.
I set these with translucent powder or a very sheer blush.

Top: Glow 05
Bottom: Rose Petal 01

Glow is the exact same color as NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Antwerp (will be swatched later on) but in a blush form.
This color is Coral with Pink undertones.
I have not wore it yet but this just might be my new summer color :x

Rose Petal is a Soft Pink and looks so natural on! I have worn this once alerady and it is unlike any other pink blush I own.
It looks like I have a nautral pink flush to my cheeks. LOVE <3

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream
Left to Right: London, Tokyo, Stockholm, Antwerp

These Lip creams are truly matte and creamy. They glide on your lips and set in your lips quite nicely. 
They haven't left my lips dry but I do like to exfoliate them before applying them. 
Their lasting power is pretty good.
I like to pair them with a gloss similar in colors.
They have a pleasent smell as well.
Overall, I really like them =]

Bottom to Top: London, Tokyo, Stockholm, Antwerp
*Same order in both pictures*

London is a medium brown color which I like to pair nude gloss gives you a brown nude which is a nice combo when the other makeup on your face is dramatic.
It is a little darker then my skin tone and I'm a NC43 in M.A.C. to give you more of a reference to how the color truly is.

Tokyo is a barbie pink color. It looks like a milky pink on depending on which pink gloss you place on top of it, you can either tone down or make it very vibrant.
I really love this color <3 

Stockholm is a dark peach color which looks so great with a light peach gloss. I really love peach tone lippies and this one is becoming a one I've been reaching for alot =]

Antwerp is a true coral color. I'm picky about corals on my lips because of the same of them, but this color looks amazing on. My lips are medium side but do not have a strong cupid's bow so I need colors that are not so harsh.

This color works looks great on my lips and works well on them. This is becoming one of my favorite coral lippies <3 

What are your favorite NYX products? xoxo     


  1. I own a few of the glitter palettes too and I have the hardest time keeping them from creasing... I tried it w virtually every possible primer out there, but they still wont stay put. Must be the oily base/consistency or maybe I'm getting too glitter happy and applying too much. Let me know if you're doing something different :))

  2. Really like the eyeshadow colors! I need to go buy new eyeshadow pallets.

  3. @Maryam Maquillage thanks for the tips! I'm try to see which method could help to keep them from creasing =]

    @Hilda Madrigal There beautiful colors! I know NYX has other sets of eyeshadow pallets

    If anything you can wait for a sale to purchase anything from them =]

  4. The Glitter Cream Palletes look gorgeous! And I love NYX Cream Blushes, I have one in Natural, so pretty!

  5. cream blushes look divine! Wish there was NYX here in SA *sigh*


  6. i love the tokyo lip cream! antwerp looks really pretty too... i actually just want all the matte lip creams so much!!!

    the blush colors look goregoussss too!

  7. A very nice post! Like the eyeshadow.

  8. @G A B Y I want that one in Natural =] I'm a sucker for blushes!!

    @Journolista you can order them online =]

    @yoli thanks their great!

    @lovevictoriaa YES! those two are my fav! their amazing and their blushes =]

    @Koltunovskaya thank you <3