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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Met Costume Institute Gala 2011.

The Met Gala encompasses the Glitz, Glamour, and The Red Carpet in One of the World's most Fashion forward city... New York City.

A number of celebrities, designers, and artist attended this annual event which is open to the public in a sense that you can stand outside and watch all of the magic happen and take pictures of course!

All of the High Fashion and Haute Couture gave me a little high I must say!

Worst Dressed: Rosie Huntington-Whitely.
Dress: Burberry Prorum.

Honestly, I do not like this dress at all. I feel like it has more of a lingerie feel then high fashion. I also feel it was to revealing for the event. Either have the slit at the bottom OR have the low cut in the front, BUT both just makes the dress look unflattering.

Best Dressed: Sarah Jessica Parker.
Dress: Alexander McQueen.

OMG! When I saw a TweetPic of this dress that evening I was in LUST!
Now Sarah Jessica Parker can dress, in my opinion, she wears clothes well and can pull off some looks I wish I was capable of. 
The way her hair was style was very appropriate for the dress. 
I don't feel as though her neck was lost in the dress.
Over all LOVE! <3

Best Dressed: Ginnifer Goodwin.
Dress: Topshop.

When I first saw this dress it was like a dream!
My favorite color with a refreshing twist! 
The necklace she chose really provided the perfect finishing touch to the dress and the slit was just at the right length.
Her dark hair in contrast to the vibrant color is just divine!

A+ !!!

Best Dressed: Diane Kruger.
Dress: Jason Wu.

Diane Kruger has been hitting the Fashion Radar hard lately and this dress is a perfect example of why she has been receiving so much attention!
I love the fact she kept the shoes and hair simple, not losing the focus from the dress.
The dress is long sleeve, with a skin color transparent fabric, which matches her skin tone quite nicely.
The encrusted jewelry around her breast does not look vulgar at all and the  the dress was well proportitioned to her body.

This dress is just so elegant and timeless!!

What do you think? 
Who is your Best and Worst Dressed?


  1. I think Rihanna and Gwyneth look great. MK (or is it Ashley?) looks kind of lost in her dress, and Beyonce reminds me of a lamp tassel.

  2. Yes thats MK..Ashley wore a black dress with white sleeves...and LOL your so right about Beyonce !!

  3. how did i miss ginnefers dress, its absolutely breathtaking-and topshop-gasp! love the blog, following xxxxx

  4. Thank you so much!! I know that dress is breath taking!!