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Friday, May 13, 2011

Fashion Icons

To me a Fashion Icon is a trendsetter, original, and timeless.
This are my top favorite women, who in my opinion have attributed and influence so many others in their time and beyond. 

Gabrielle Bonheur

Coco Chanel is easily identifiable but the signature Double C interconnected logo, and is associated with Gabrielle Bonheur's revolutionary style.
She emerged as a designer in a time were women dressed extravagant and over the top.
Her sophisticated, classic, and simplistic style was incorporated by using Jersey in women's clothing, which was unheard of at the time.
She basically coined the phrase "Little Black Dress" and introduced dress pants into women sports wear.

Coco Chanel has always and will forever be my favorite designer, I have been obsessed with Chanel since a young age.
To me she represents the epitome of fashion and how chic one can be with the least possible effort.

Let's just say once I hit 40 I will rake of Chanel No 5 and get buried with my vintage Chanel purse next to me! 

Edie Sedgwick
Best known for being Andy Warhol's muse during the 60s, she was a socialite who came to New York City to begin a career in modeling. She was put into a metal institution for anorexia and died tragically at the young age of 28.

Her beauty and charm captivated audiences in short films and she had such a superstar presence.

Vogue shot her in tights, a leotard, and a baggy sweater performing dance moves. 

I love Edie Sedgwick! Her style was fun and unique. Her life story is quite sad but her fashion and makeup are still easily identifiable today. Some of her signature pieces were large earrings, a lot of strip attire, and leggings or tights with a fur jacket to top it all off.

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
 My favorite First Lady in the History of the United States, Jackie O encompassed the ideal image of what a mother was in early 60's. She was a socialite and a beloved mother. 

Her fashion statements came in different forms, all in all reflected her elegance and grace. Some of her signature looks consisted of high waisted dresses, white gloves, hats, head scarfs and big sunglasses. Even her casual outfits were effortless such as pairing dress pants with trench coats, but she would put the look together in a way that made her iconic in American society. 

Nicole Richie

By far one of my favorite present day Fashion Icons, Nicole Richie has gone through so many hardships in her life to over come all of that and becoming the woman she is today just demonstrates the type of person she is.

My obsession with Nicole Richie grew during the first season of the Simple Life. I loved her laid back and hilarious sense of humor. 

When her style started to change and when she lost weight everyone started to take notice in her fashion sense.

Basically I want her entire wardrobe! I don't think I've ever seen an outfit on her that I didn't like. Her clothing and jewelry line are amazing!

I'm so happy I meet her twice! It was a dream come true and I blushed so much! 

Mary-Kate Olsen
 I grew up watching Full House and I loved the Olsen twins. I watched all of their movies was a child and always envied their amazing style and hair.

I love the fact both girls have a distinct style. Ashley is more polished, while Mary-Kate style is more controversial and often referred to as a "Bag Lady".

I love her style, it can be labeled so many different ways but to me it's just a reflection of her personal taste through her clothing. I love the baggy t-shirts, long shirts, high heels during the day, over sized purses, and loads of vintage jewelry.

I have meet The Oslen Twins at NYC Fahions Night Out in 2010 and they are so petite and sweet! and of course their outfits were fierce as hell!

Olivia Palermo

To me Olivia is the definition of Upper-East Side fashion. Even though some people can argue she played the "bitch" in The City one can not deny her amazing fashion sense.

She is a socialite and thus becoming exposed to various designers all her life. What I love the most about her style is the way she pairs up pieces of clothing together. She has a flare of making any outfit effortlessly elegant.

She is featured on various best dress list and her passion for fashion can also be found in her profession. She has various connections with designers and magazine editors.

She is quite the "It Girl" of New York City.

Who are your Fashion Icons? 


  1. Great post! I love Nicole Richie! Her fashion seems so effortless but she always looks beautiful and care free!

  2. Olivia palermo is seriously one of my top fashion icons, I ADORE her style!

  3. @Jenny you are totally right! and she even looks stunning with out makeup LOVE HER!

    @Sarah YES! Her style is so sophisticated and amazing! She is so beautiful as well =]

  4. Hi new reader here :)
    for me it would be Nicole Richie i seriously LOVE her style and sense of humor (lol me liking Nicole also started in Simple Life i seriously loved her in those shows)

  5. @NenaTH yes! shes so funny and I miss that show! Are you gonna watch Paris Hilton's new show? maybe Nicole will make a surprise appearance!! If only!

  6. @Catalina yes i also miss that show very much! do you mean the my new BFF show? or is she making another show ? ( if she is i do hope Nicole will make a surprise appearance! )

  7. @NaneTH I think its called Paris' world or something it premieres this June...I'll just watch if Nicole is in an episode!! haha

    I miss how they used to be such good friends and cause trouble every where! I have all the seasons :x lol

  8. @Catalina Yes me too! i wish they would make another season of simple life i really miss it

    really? i have only season 3 haha but i want to buy all the seasons! which is your favorite season ?

  9. @NenaTH Season 3 I would have to say is my fav!! I love all of them tho! Once you finish one season you wanna watch the next!!

  10. @Catalina yes 3 is also my favorite,yes true and now i really want to watch them again haha, I'm actually going to go find the DVD and watch it again :P

  11. @NenaTh after school is over for me I'm gonna watch it too!! hahaha

    Enjoy it !

  12. Great post. I knew most of these people but didnt know all these things. Thanks for the lil' culture :)

  13. @lil miss Sauniya I think I study fashion more then my actually school work! lol

    But I read alot about fashion and makeup..things that interest me!

    I'll do more post like this in the future =]

  14. @Catalina do you read in blogs or books ? if you do read in books which books are your favorite ? ( i ordered the bobbi brown makeup manual and teen people beauty guide been waiting for a very long time for them too come lol) anyway i wanted to ask if you read the fashion books do you have any to recommend ? i have been looking for those kind of books but i don't know which to buy. or if there is a good blog about that ?

  15. @NenaTH I really dont read that much about fashion but I have gotten out some books from the library like the history of fashion and they go through the whole evolution which I love!!

    I'm more visual so I read mags (Nylon Vogue, Teen Vogue) and I go on LOOKBOOK alot! lol

    I want the Bobbi brown makeup manual tho! you should do a blog post when you get it =]

    I do have "Makeup is Art" By Jana Ririnui and Lan Nguyen and its a beautiful book and gives you amazing tips.

    I have Lauren Conrad "Style" book which I like but I want Rachael Zoe's book on style I forgot the name :x lol

    If you do get any books let me know =]

  16. @Catalina i already did the post about the bobbi brown makeup manual i got it yesterday :) (love it btw!) ,,,, thank you for those recommendations i have wanted to buy the Lauren Conrad's Style book for a while now but i wasn't sure if i should get it but I'm definitely going to get it now (Have u watched Laguna Beach and The Hills ? or do you not watch reality shows like that ?) , i have one look book and it's the Nina Garcia's Look book - what to wear for every occasion ( and i love it) , we don't have teen vogue here in Norway which sucks! but we do have vogue but i like teen vogue more :/( i also have the the teen vogue handbook an insider's guide to careers in Fashion) for me i love magazines like Glamour and Cosmopolitan those are my favorites i practically read every article in there.

  17. @NenaTH I was obsessed with the hill and Lauguna beach that's when I became a fan of L.C. lol

    The L.C. book gives more tips but nothing to crazy

    I always wanted the Nina Garcia's Style book because she was blunt on Project Runway and always had great advice!

    I wish Nicole Richie had a style book :/ I would die!

    and I'm gonna check out your post now on the Bobby Brown Makeup Manual =] <3

    I think all you need in life is Vogue! haha I also really like Nylon its quite edgy =]

  18. Great list, I agree with all! Love Nicole Richie!
    However, me being me, I would add Kim Kardashian to my list.

    xo $ARMIN

  19. @Catalina yes i would LOVE for her to release a style book! i would buy it in a second! , i just got addicted to the hills I'm on season 3 right now , here in Norway where i live Vogue costs a lot and if it would cost less than i would probably buy it every month i do have few vogue magazines but i haven't bought them in a long time